PLEASE DO NOT buy this book if you have already downloaded 'Haunting Grace', 'Changing Grace' and 'Saving Grace'. This book is a consolidation of these three titles.


Having endured years of an abusive marriage, Grace Evans finally walks out on her loveless marriage and boards a train for York. Within hours of arriving in the ancient city, her destiny is changed forever by a portrait in her hotel room. Haunted by the ghost of Robert Hamilton and confronted with a portrait of herself painted four hundred years ago, Grace has every reason to doubt her sanity. Then Grace finds herself four hundred years in the past, in the bed of the man who has haunted her. A man she barely knows but who, with just one kiss, filled the empty space that had been her shattered heart.

How are Grace and Robert connected to Simon and Corran of ‘When Fate Dictates’?

I’d love to tell you, but that would ruin the surprise, so I’m sorry folks, you are just going to have to wait for ‘Entwined’, book three of the 'Highland Secret Series'.