'Beyond Time' is released on, and Smashwords!


 Good news people! 'Beyond Time' has now been released! 


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'When Fate Dictates' Goes No. 1! 


 'When Fate Dictates' rocketed to No.1 position in Fantasy> Historical on today after more than a thousand downloads in just a few hours.


Be part of the hype.


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Hey sports fans! 

Just a quick update to let you know we've been very busy! The EmWrites Team have produced rebooted trailers for all the books! Check them out here or alternatively, check them out on our new Book Trailers page. 


The When Fate Dictates Trailer is below! 


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Click to check out Elizabeth's interview with York's 'Local Link'!




The fantastic lads and ladies at York's 'Local Link' are serialising 'When Fate Dictates'! Click the image below to check out Chapters 1-3 - out now!



17/7/2012- New Review, Book Covers, New Website and Newcastle Student Radio

The kind people at 'Book Chick City' have reviewed Ms. Marshall's 'Beyond Time' Series (click image to the right to see the review). 


Just a quick up date, we have decided upon fantastic book covers for 'Beyond Time' and 'Entwined'!



Thanks for all the positive feedback from you guys about the new covers, it has most definitely helped. 


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Some of you may have also noticed the re-booted website. Thank you so much for your patience during the time of building. There are some very minor things that still need looking at, but it's pretty much finished, so enjoy!  





Those of you connected to Elizabeth on Facebook will know that she is now being sponsored by Newcastle Student Radio (NSR) for a sort book tour focused in York (dates and venues TBA)- So be sure to give them a listen! 






All in all, a very successful couple of weeks. Thanks again to everyone for their support, and thanks to Laura from 'Book Chick City' for her fantastic review!


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I have received a lot of emails recently asking variations of the same question, so I have finally relented and decided to let the proverbial 'cat out of the bag'.


When will the next book in the ‘Highland Secret Series’ be out?

The third book in the ‘Highland Secret Series’ is called ‘Entwined’. No, I haven’t missed a book.

Here is where I drop the long awaited bombshell. ‘Haunting Grace’, ‘Changing Grace’ and ‘Saving Grace’ are to be merged into one, thirty thousand word book called ‘Beyond Time’.

‘Beyond Time’ is and always has been the second book in the ‘Highland Secret Series’. So there you have it. My closely guarded secret is out.


How are Grace and Robert connected to Simon and Corran?

I’d love to tell you, but that would ruin the surprise, so I’m sorry folks, you are just going to have to wait for ‘Entwined’.

I promise you; it will be worth the wait!


‘When Fate Dictates’ and ‘Beyond Time’ are due for re-release soon and will be appearing on Amazon with their new covers very shortly.


‘Entwined’ will follow hot on their heels.


In the meantime, I will be adding further pages to my website on York and Scotland for you to explore.


Happy ghost hunting in York and may you have many awesome and exciting adventures.


Elizabeth M. x